Why CuttingEdge?

Our Philosophy:

“Do unto others as you would wish them do unto you.”

Whether you are a client looking to recruit top digital talent or a candidate looking to rise in your current role or find a new job altogether, CuttingEdge will always treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. We believe that the best way to service Digital Business clients from Online Media, E-Commerce, Advertising Networks, Information Portals, Digital Intelligence, to Publishing, Marketing, Sales, SaaS, and others, is with a distinctly “human touch.” We believe that to truly be CuttingEdge we must be able to move with the speed of digital business but never forget our commitment the people that work at them. It’s why we specialize in relationship building and always do unto others as we’d wish they’d do unto us.

What Differentiates Us:

You’ll find that our level of service and expertise is markedly different from other recruiting firms. We don’t simply take on new clients and candidates. We invest in them. CuttingEdge develops and nurtures talent and relationships. Our recruiters aren’t just paper pushers, they’re about long term Career Strategy, both for candidates and clients alike. We match job seekers with digital companies based upon shared career objectives, skill sets and interests. Rather than contacting candidates solely based upon job specifications submitted to us from our clients, we frequently conduct exploratory interviews to meet people that will lead to successful future hires as well.

We Help You Grow:

Employers in need of growing their teams have come to rely on our consultative, proactive and strategic approach to placement and most importantly our strong portfolio of candidates at the ready. Our firm was founded in 1997 at the onset of the internet boom.  Since new companies were being born daily, a brand new set of employees were needed to staff them. We’ve filled positions for companies ranging from support staff to c-level executive management. Contact us today and let your CuttingEdge search begin.