Candidate FAQs:

Q: How long has your company been in business?

A: CuttingEdge was founded in 1997 and has been helping to staff digital positions for the ever increasing digital business landscape, for over 17 years.

Q: What skill set do I require to apply for a position at CuttingEdge?

A: Generally speaking, if you have senior level experience in digital sales, digital marketing and online advertising, our firm is a good place for you to begin your search. Of course, each of our client’s have special requirements and qualifications depending upon the position. We do work with sales organizations outside of online media, but the interactive industry sector has been known to be our niche. However, if you are outgoing, driven and fully committed to sales, we would be happy to chat.

Q: How many years of experience is required?

A: It depends upon the position, and the employer’s needs. Some of our positions require as little as 2 years of experience while our more senior level positions may require 10-20 years of employment experience.

Q: Do I have to have a college degree?

A: Having a formal education is as they say, “a feather in your cap”. However, there are circumstances where industry specific experience may be equally acceptable.

Q: Do you handle temporary and part time jobs?

A: There are occasions when our client’s will require an interim person.

Q: Will you write my resume?

A: Yes, we have professional resume writers at your disposal.

Q: Since sales opportunities are the bulk of what you do, do the employers pay a base salary + commission, or is it commission only?

A: We do not work with an organization that will pay a commission only. Either they pay a base salary + commission or a draw versus commission arrangement.

Q: Do I need to provide references?

A: Yes, it is essential that we receive 2 professional references before we can begin a job search for you.  We require references from individuals to whom you have reported to.

Q: Do I pay a fee?

A: No, the organization that hires you pays the fee.

Q: Do you have coaching services to assist me in honing my sales skills, and or interviewing skills?

A: Yes, once you become a CuttingEdge candidate you will receive our Career Coaching and Job Strategy support to help you land the job. From role playing to hand holding if necessary, we are here to help!

Q: How do I know which recruiter to work with?

A: It is about personality, honesty, and efficiency. If you like the personality of the recruiter you are speaking with and you feel he or she has your best interest at heart, that is a very good start.