Client FAQs:

Q: What type of positions do you handle?

A: For well over 17 years we have serviced the digital media industry in filling mainly sales, marketing, account management, technology and business development positions.   We have built a solid pipeline of qualified and talented candidates primarily in this sector.  Since the onset of the internet boom we have played an integral role in supporting the hiring initiatives of start-ups, early stage, and established leaders building multi-channel divisions.

Q: What types of recruitment arrangements does CuttingEdge provide?

A: Depending on the employer’s needs, we will work on a contingency or a retainer basis. We will conduct a needs analysis to determine the best arrangement for your company.

Q: Do you meet with your candidates in person?

A: Yes, we make it a point to meet with our candidates in person to evaluate their overall presentation, skill set, professional demeanor and personality before we schedule an interview with your company. Depending on the location of the job, there are occasions that we may arrange to skype our candidate and or arrange an in-depth phone interview. However, we will always inform your company if an in person interview did not take place.

Q: Do you check references on your candidates before you schedule an interview?

A: Yes, we will not schedule a company interview with our candidate until we have conducted a thorough reference check. The last thing we want to do is to waste your time and send you candidates that you are serious about hiring, only to receive a bad reference after the fact.

Q: My internal recruiter is going out on leave. Can CuttingEdge come in and fill in during that time?

A: Most definitely. We have experience consulting onsite for clients on both a long and short-term basis, or we can place a qualified recruiter on an interim basis.

Q: I have recruitment needs outside the online media and green sectors. Can CuttingEdge assist us?

A: Absolutely, we are trained recruiters with 30 years of collective recruitment experience. We have the expertise, and know how to fill any position outside our specialty areas, as long as we have a clear understanding of your needs. We would schedule to have an in depth discussion with your hiring manager  to learn the requirements, and qualifications needed to create a longstanding and successful fit. Once the needs analysis has been conducted, we task our research team and account managers to identify, locate, and qualify the best prospects for your open job opportunities.

Q: What is the process to get started?

A: First, we discuss your recruitment needs, what you have tried in the past, and what challenges have you met along the way. Next, we will create a proposal around that conversation as well as provide you with recruitment solutions to help streamline your process. Finally, one of our associates will visit your site to meet with your recruiting team and hiring managers, to get a solid feel for your culture and specific needs.

Q: How do you find your candidates?

A: First and foremost, we leverage the solid portfolio of contacts that we have built and refined through the years. Our research, account management, and marketing departments are skilled at database mining, trade show networking, and social media to identify top talent to grow your company.

Q: What is the time frame between initial discussion and start date of new hire?

A: The time frame is dependent upon your candidate qualifications and job requirements, availability, and internal processes. Our greatest success stories have been built on creating strong partnerships with our clients. We rely heavily on your feedback to direct us in our endeavor to find the best match.