Permanent Placement Services:

CuttingEdge delivers results, adding value to your company as your recruiting partners and HR professionals. We are able to use our extensive experience, industry knowledge and resources to identify and qualify the right candidates for your unique situation.  We will uncover the traits and skill sets needed for the candidate in order to add value to your organization.

Fee Arrangement Options Are Available

CuttingEdge offers two options allowing your firm to determine what works best for you:

1. Retained Search – This type of arrangement requires an (up-front fee) for the purpose of conducting an exclusive search for a company officer or other senior executive position. Generally, clients/employers pay a retainer for positions that pay upwards of $100,000+.  A retained search is to pay for the exclusive and devoted effort and expertise of the search practice.

We suggest a retained arrangement for high profile and/or extremely confidential searches to expedite the process and to allow for proper resource allocation.

2. Contingency Search – A contingency search simply means that the client/employer pays the recruiter only if the company chooses to hire an individual from the recruitment/executive search practice they have called upon to help them in their effort to identify a candidate for an open position.

Components Of A Successful Search:

    • An in person client meeting at place of employment
    • Know  How and Know Who
    • Client Feedback
    • Experienced Recruiters
    • Commitment
    • Passion